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For ADHD women

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Inspired by leading ADHD experts, Letterlife equips you with science-backed insights and personalized strategies.

Ready to transform the way you live with ADHD? Join Letterlife and embark on a journey to reclaim control, one step at a time.

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When you manage your ADHD you want to find the best combination of medication, education and practical tools. Letterlife will guide you along the way and help you find what works best for you.

Personalized tools based on your ADHD profile 

Science-backed tools from leading experts

A community of like minded for support

Why did we start Letterlife?

Good healthcare relies on fair, proven, and timely help. But girls and women with ADHD often get left behind, facing serious health challenges without enough support.

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and success of neurodiverse women through a holistic and evidence-based approach.

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Emotions and relationships can be a demanding challenge with ADHD & autism.
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AuDHD – A Maze of Emotions and Relationships

For girls and women with ADHD, ADD, and autism (sometimes abbreviated as AuDHD), social norms and expectations can become a demanding challenge. In this blog, the experienced neuropsychologist Maria Bühler, explores the maze of emotions that many women with neurodevelopmental diagnoses encounter. You’ll receive tips on smart support and strategies for navigating social interaction. The […]

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Just Do It – The Best Exercise Tips from Greta the PT-Psychologist

Do you need practical tools to maintain your exercise routines over time? I suspect that, like most people, you’ve already heard that regular physical activity is a cornerstone of both mental and physical health. In this blog, the PT-Psychologist Greta Wester, will share her best exercise tips with you! Exercise increases your brain’s release of […]

Self-regulation - Finding Your Body Balance through Mindfulness
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Finding Your Body Balance with Mindfulness 

Living with ADHD is often living with difficulties in self-regulation. You may feel that you were born without the luxury of knowing what your gut feeling is telling you. Or having a thousand gut feelings in conflict with each other in every decision you must make. Then Mindfulness could become a good friend of yours. […]

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